5 Things Every Real Agent Needs to Know About Website Design

Over the years Web Ventures has worked on hundreds of real estate websites.  While working on those sites we have found that every website needs to following items:

Clean Professional Design

With thousands of agents competing for the same keywords, first impressions make a difference.  Would you put a torn or ratty sign in front of your listing?  I hope the answer is no, than why would you want to have a website that looks out of date?


This goes without saying.  Have all of the listing that you can have on your website and have “search listing” form on every page.  If you are a listing agent “feature your listings” If your on wordpress a good place to put these is in the sidebar.


Photos are the number one thing people are looking for.  Take the best photos possible for all of your listing.  Although most of your photos will come from your local MLS IDX feed. You can only control the product that you are putting out.

Social Media Integration

These days social media is a must, but don’t be self serving with your tweets and posts.  If you are only sending out listings or posts that include why you should help me, your doing yourself a disservice.  Engage the community, tweet about sales data, mortgage information, and how you helped one of your clients.  You should also integrate social sharing buttons on your website. Personally we recommend Digg-Digg for your wordpress website.

Email Marketing

If you are not building your business through email marketing you are missing out.  Email keeps your name in front of customers, and provides them with valuable information about you and your real estate market.  Be sure to follow all of the CAN-Spam rules and use a professional service like MailChimp.com Mailchimp offers a free plan for up to 1200 subscribers and 12,000 email a month.

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