What Value Does Your Website Designer Bring to the Table?

It seems these days that website design and search engine optimization have become commoditized.  Everybody’s brother, mother, uncle, and dog have built a website before.  With technologies like wordpress putting up a basic website has become increasingly easy.  But the problems is that may times there is no understanding as to why you are using that nice looking slider on the homepage or worse they can’t actually code.

So let me ask again what value is your website designer bringing to the table?

At Web Ventures we take a consultative approach to website design and search engine optimization. Here are some of the questions that we ask every client.

  • What are you currently doing for marketing online and off? Are you happy with the results? If no, why?
  • What does your sales cycle look like?  How can your website help you grow your business?
  • What does your perfect customer look like?  What about your current customers?
  • What are your expectations for our project?

Take the time to answer the above questions for yourself.  Need help reach out to us.  With over 16 years experience designing website we have the experience and knowledge to help your company make your website a revenue center instead of a cost center.




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