Five WordPress Plugins That Your Site Can’t Live Without

  1. CDN Tools  –
    Loads your javascript files off of the CDN allowing your website to load faster.
  2. Google XML Sitemap for Images –
    This will help drive more traffic for your posts.  Just remember to refresh it, its not automatic like other sitemap plugins and to submit your sitemap in google webmaster tools.
  3. WordPress SEO –
    WordPress SEO is the definitive SEO plugin the customization and tracking will have you blogging like a pro in no time.
  4. WP-DBManager –
    Unless you know MySQL your going to need this to manage your wordpress website.  WP-DBManager provides you with easy backups of your database, but also allows you to maintain your database for the best blog performance possible.
  5. Simple 301 Redirects –
    In Google Webmaster tools you will see errors take that list and send that broken traffic to the correct page.


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