Website Analytics

Website owners want to increase traffic to their websites in order to spread their message and to ultimately make sales conversions. The main goal is to obtain targeted traffic that fulfills the call to action a website makes. To understand the behavior of your website visitors and how they respond to your website as they browse its pages you need a way to see and analyze visitor behavior. You also want to know any parts of your website that are not performing up to your expectations with regards to desired viewer response.

Web analytics programs are tools that can track all aspects of your visitors’ relationship to your website. Many statistics can be gathered and analyzed including: how your site was found, how long a visitor stayed on your site, how many pages were visited, what pages had the most visits plus a multitude of other interesting pieces of market research. However there are a several basic pieces of data accumulated by most web analytics programs that can tell you much about visitor behavior.


Unique Visitors and Page Views

A number that virtually all website owners want to know is how many visitors they are receiving to their website, daily, weekly or monthly. The unique visitor statistic is a general figure that doesn’t reveal the nature of whether you are receiving targeted traffic but it does give you an idea of the total number of eyeballs viewing your site. Page views lets you know how many different pages have been accessed. These two numbers can give you a sense of the overall traffic trend toward your site within a specified period of time.

Keywords and Referring Sites

Another important piece of information that can help you in your marketing efforts is a list of the top keywords that visitors have used in search engines to locate your site. Often website owners are surprised when they see what keywords have been used. This information can help you as a webmaster to adjust your marketing efforts to maximize traffic with respect to these keywords. A list of top referring sites can tell you exactly where your visitors came from (for instance, which search engines are sending you the most traffic).

Number of Bounces

This is a statistic that is important to know because it tells you how many times a visitor visited one page on your site and then left without browsing any further. If your bounce percentage is high then you know you’re doing something wrong with either your presentation or the types of customers you’re attracting.

Entry Pages

It is good to know where a large percentage of your visitors are entering your site. Quite often the home page is optimized highly and receives a lot of attention. However other pages on your site can be the first place many visitors see based upon what keywords they queried in a search engine. It is important to give proper attention to the SEO design of these pages once you know they have a high entry page percentage.